Bathroom Renovations

On-suite Bathroom renovation remodel Bathroom renovation on your mind?  While most bathrooms maintain the same footprint, it is sometimes
possible to re-configure the space to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in a bathroom renovation to update the overall look itself, implementing new flooring, counters and cabinets alone can have a huge impact.

Although your bathroom space may be small, there are still many options available that will result in an updated and functional bathroom.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Is there leakage or water damage from dripping faucets or from the toilet?
2. Are the walls or tiles showing signs of damage from moisture?
3. Do your fixtures look dated?
4. Are environmental factors important to you? (ex. low flow shower heads, low flush toilets, etc.)
5. Is there adequate lighting?
6. Does the layout not work for you?

Bathroom Renovation Gallery


We, at Gord Turner Renovations, can help you on your bathroom renovation. Since 1989, we have help our Kelowna clients with their bathroom renovation needs.  Renovating is our focus and we have built a team that brings excellence to all aspects of our projects. If you would like to speak to our staff about your bathroom renovation contact us today.