Windows in the Bathroom

Many older homes in the Kelowna area, were often built with windows in the shower space. This is never a good idea as it is virtually impossible to waterproof the wall properly when it contains a window.

There are two alternatives regarding the ‘before’ pic of the bathroom shown.

The best option is to remove the window and install a skylight which still brings in natural light to the area.

The other option, although it is not our first choice, is to use glass blocks in the opening. This will still allow for waterproofing the opening properly as when the glass blocks are installed flush with the tile, they are grouted into place.

Ultimately, the option that provides the longest lasting solution is to eliminate the window altogether and that is just what we did.

By removing the window we were able to then install a waterproof membrane to seal off the entire wall. This eliminates any water infiltration.

You’ll notice that on the wall below the window there is an inset soap dish. These are not a good idea either as in most older homes this is just another place for water infiltration into the wall.
Also important to note is that any toiletry storage should be surface-mounted on the tile using pre-cast corner shelves or soap dishes.

In this client’s home, there was not much water damage around the window as this was a guest bathroom. In bathrooms that receive more use however, extensive water damage is almost always present.

When having your bathroom renovated keep in mind that water leakage may be a factor and should be resolved before any cosmetic upgrades are done.

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