Specifications and Scope of Work

Now that the drawings are complete it’s time to consider the type of finishes you’d like in your home.

The level of finishes is a contributing factor to the overall cost of the project.  For your Renovator to be able to give you accurate pricing, he needs to know, specifically, what you want.  For this reason, we believe it is best for you to view and select the items first-hand, to help alleviate any guesswork.  The initial project budget will then be more accurate as it’s based on items actually chosen.

By referring to ‘finishes’ and ‘making selections’ it means that you must physically meet with the supplier to discuss, view, and select:  bathroom fixtures, doors and handles, windows, siding options, roofing, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, kitchen cabinets, countertops etc. – all the finishes that will be required for your particular renovation.  Typically, larger renovations will involve more finishes than smaller projects.

Your Renovator should have suppliers that he uses on a regular basis and together they can help you make these selections by providing you with product knowledge and their expertise as to how the finishes you choose affect each other in terms of what’s existing in your home.

At our company we have a designated Client Services Representative who walks the client through the entire selection process as it is a key component.  He works closely with the suppliers to ensure the proper items and information are assembled for use in the renovation agreement.  Your Renovator should be able to assist you in determining the best product for your particular application and budget.  All products are not created equal and Renovators typically have products that they use consistently.  The reason for using these products are varied.  For us, it is about quality of product, on-going serviceability, and peace of mind – knowing that in the future, if anything should go wrong, the client will be looked after.

The selection process can take a couple of weeks to complete.  Some people can make decisions quickly and stick with them while others need more time to make that decision.  There is no correct time frame.  It is whatever works best for you.  You must realize and be comfortable with the fact that the longer it takes for you to make decisions and selections, the longer it will take for your Renovator to provide pricing.
For example, the plumber will need to know what fixtures you have chosen so he can accurately cost out the install.  Different fixtures have different installation requirements.

Once your selections have been made then pricing from the tradesmen can be undertaken.  The timeframe for getting prices back from tradesmen can vary from a few days for a standard install to a few weeks for a more custom install.
Once the pricing from the tradesmen and the suppliers has been received, the Renovator can then begin to prepare the agreement documents to be presented to you, the client.

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