Once you have your permit, the project may commence.

Deposits need to be made to secure delivery times for windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, countertops, and so forth.

Trying to coordinate schedules of numerous suppliers and trades to complete your project.

Need to see if your proposed schedule fits with the suppliers and trades, give or take.

Timelines should be realistic reflecting actualities not necessarily optimism.

Timelines should account for time of year (weather conditions), level of customization regarding finishes (timeframes),

Good idea to not schedule things tight to accommodate changes and things that arise throughout the project.

There may be some days where no one is at your house that day (ex. inspection days) and that’s perfectly normal.  Again, that’s where communication is important.
You don’t want to have everyone in the house at the same time. Best to give each trade/supplier ample time to complete his portion of the project without interruptions.
Need to be flexible with the schedule in relation to unforeseen delays (shipping, illness, timeline conflicts).
Regular meetings should occur between you and the renovator and/or Project Manager to ensure good communication in the early stages of the project meetings are more frequent and as you move into the mechanical stage and in to drywall meetings are less frequent and as the project moves through finishing and completion more meetings occur

Time must be allocated for inspections by the municipal/provincial authorities. This typically means one whole day allocated before you can move to the next stage.
Depending upon the size of the project the following inspections are required:

  • Siting/footing,
  • foundations,
  • pre-slab
  • backfill
  • plumbing
  • electrical groundwork
  • framing
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • gas
  • rough-in
  • insulation
  • final inspection

A team that has worked together long-term is helpful in terms of coordinating the project stages.
Issues may arise that affect the schedule and this is where it’s important to have regular communications.  The team can lend support…
It is not uncommon that the payment schedule is related to the schedule so it’s in your Renovator’s best interest to meet each milestone.  It also assists you in determining when the next payments are due and payable.

Project Completion – there’ll be a walk-thru with your renovator and identify a list of items for completion. You will agree on the list and then the renovator will take care of those over the week or two.  After you’ve been in your home for 3 or 4 weeks there may be a few items that come up that need attention; you’d contact your renovator and he would take care of those items for you

Having a professional experienced team working together to complete your project will help to minimize the stress that a renovation project can bring about.
Scheduling is just one of the key factors in this process.  Expectations vs. reality is another.

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