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It’s time! Yes, it is the moment I have decided to renovate my old kitchen. I have watched countless episodes of Love It or List It, Holmes on Homes, and numerous other renovation series. I am not an expert ( yet?), but I am confident I can build my kitchen at a cost much lower than I anticipated. That’s so great! 

As one of Kelowna’s premier renovation companies, we can appreciate all the TV shows and how they help homeowners understand the In’s and Out’s of a renovation. One major piece of the puzzle that is very difficult to convey to homeowners is the actual cost of a kitchen renovation. With materials and products on the constant rise in price, we find homeowners are unaware of the increased cost to build a new kitchen.  The kitchen, in most cases, is certainly one of the most costly rooms in your home to renovate. The 3 products that make this room more costly are cabinets, countertops, and flooring. 

Another common renovation within the kitchen is moving walls for a more “open concept” design. Once you move a wall or 2, you may consider relocating your sink, stove, fridge, dishwasher etc. If you have decided to completely gut your kitchen, this leaves you with the option of a complete re-design. This may involve moving water lines and drains. Relocation switches and plugs. Adding new lighting on a “brand new” island. Removing windows and doors. Your kitchen renovation has now become a very “extensive” renovation, and because of all the work for the tradesmen, the cost goes up considerably. As a matter of fact,  in today’s market, the majority of homeowners really underestimate the cost to renovate their new kitchen.  If you are really serious about renovating, go price out cabinets, countertops, flooring,  and fixtures. Also, consider the cost of labour and the actual time involved to finish the kitchen.


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