How the Trades and Suppliers Contribute to Your Important Project

It’s critical to the flow of your project that both suppliers and trades share the same values as the renovation company.

Relationships are the key.  If renovation companies are constantly changing, it does not provide adequate time to build a solid relationship which lends itself to loyalty between companies.  When people consistently work together on various projects they build systems and processes that will ultimately benefit you, the client.  If the relationship is based strictly on costs, the benefits that can be gained by longer-term relationships are never realized.

This is extremely important when things go wrong – and they will.  It is important to understand that no matter how good a renovation company is – it’s the nature of the business.  The difference is in the team that you’re working with and how situations are handled.  A team that’s been together for a while is better situated to address concerns as they occur.  Because they have history together in sharing the same value of ‘customer first’, obstacles that arise are more easily overcome.   A reasonable solution can be reached when the problem is discussed and through consensus with all parties (the renovator, trade, supplier, and client), resolved.  It is much more challenging to achieve this delivery of service if price is the only factor.

When using the same suppliers, you gain their knowledge and expertise – resources if you will – regarding fixtures and finishes that may be ideal as a solution for you.  They understand the timelines and expectations of the renovator.  Again, it is the coordinated, cohesive effort of everyone working together as a team of renovating professionals to deliver quality, timeliness, and service to your project.

Partnering with a professional renovating company means that often they have their own carpenters on their team – they are not subcontracted.  This is beneficial in the areas of scheduling, training, and quality control.  They do not have other commitments that could pull them away from your project.  It also ensures training and quality control regarding standards of work, finish, and processes to guarantee the same result every time.

If you were to undertake these types of projects on your own, it wouldn’t be impossible to experience some of these benefits listed above but it certainly would be more difficult.  Enlisting a reputable renovation company provides you with an already pre-qualified team of people – all working together for you.  A renovation company can alleviate you having to shop around for a supplier or trade that will suit your individual needs.
As you can see, hiring a professional renovator who has already built a qualified team that is well trained, skilled, and knowledgeable, is a positive asset for you.

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