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Transforming Your Kelowna Home: A Kelowna Kitchen Renovation Are you tired of walking into your living room, dining room, and kitchen and feeling like you’re


Updating Your Fireplace

Older fireplaces, found in many homes in Kelowna, were not very efficient or aesthetically appealing. Often, they had little or no mantle and just tile


Windows in the Bathroom

Many older homes in the Kelowna area, were often built with windows in the shower space. This is never a good idea as it is


The Cost Of A Bathroom Renovation

What does it cost to renovate a bathroom? Costs vary considerably depending upon whether you’re doing cosmetic upgrades or implementing a complete gut job. A


Bathroom Gut or Upgrade

Is your bathroom in need of a renovation? You can approach it two ways – either a cosmetic upgrade or a complete gut. If you’re

planning and scheduling your renovation

Specifications and Scope of Work

Now that the drawings are complete it’s time to consider the type of finishes you’d like in your home. The level of finishes is a

kelowna building inspector


Once you have your permit, the project may commence. Deposits need to be made to secure delivery times for windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, countertops,

Building Permit Renovation Kelowna

To Permit or Not Permit

Generally, permits are required but you need to check with your municipality to confirm this.  Permits cover two areas—the Building Code and Municipal Bylaws. Items

Hire a renovator or Do It Yourself

DIY or Hire a Renovator?

If doing it yourself, your level of skill and knowledge should be the guiding factors in making this decision. Do you have what’s required? Do

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