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Bathroom Renovation: From 1960’s To Newly Renovated


This is a standard 5-foot wide bathroom that is found in many Kelowna homes.

As in most older bathrooms like this one, there was a significant amount of water damage behind the tub because of leakage at the intersection of the glass block window and the tile.

To remedy this we removed everything back to the studs, dismantled the glass blocks (which we were able to re-use), built a new window frame, then installed it so that the kerdi waterproof membrane would overlap and provide a water tight seal at the window.

The glass blocks were then re-installed to be in the same plane as the tile and were then grouted into place as the tile was.

The sill plate of the window opening was completely rotten and had to be replaced.  We had to allow three or four days for the water leakage to dry out.

A new plywood subfloor was glued and screwed over the original ship-lap flooring boards to provide proper underlayment for the tile floor.

Once these matters had been effectively taken care of, we were then able to move on with more of the cosmetic part of the renovation.

Because the footprint of the space was not being altered, we removed the wall between the vanity and the toilet so as to provide a more open feel.  A crescent-style shower rod was also installed to offer a more spacious shower area.  By updating rather than re-locating the fixtures, we were able to add to the overall modern look, while still keeping our clients’ budget in mind.

A renovation project like this not only addressed the need for an upgrade but also resolved the key issue of water damage.


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