Bathroom Gut or Upgrade

Is your bathroom in need of a renovation?

You can approach it two ways – either a cosmetic upgrade or a complete gut.

If you’re just looking to give an old bathroom an updated look, then making cosmetic changes will accomplish this.

Simply by adding a new color to your walls and switching out your countertop, tile flooring, and fixtures (toilet, sink, taps) you can obtain the results you want at a lesser cost.

There are times when cosmetic changes can be completed by the DIY if she/he has the proper skills to take on a remodel.

Other times, it’s best that you call in a professional contractor and that’s where we come in.

In a bathroom that’s 15 to 20 years’ old, our approach is that you almost always want to gut the space and start over.

The major advantage of this option is that any issues around water leakage, mold or venting, can be addressed and dealt with as opposed to covering it up. You can also address drainage and water supplies, as well as electrical.

This method gives you the most choices when it comes to fixtures. For example, if the space is large enough you can change the existing layout (ie. re-locate the toilet, shower, vanity) to meet your current requirements. A good design will assist in making this happen.

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By doing a complete gut of the space, it also allows you to use some of the newer products (ex. Schluter water-proofing systems, granite countertops, low flow toilets) on the market that were not available 10 to 20 years ago.

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If there is any indication that there has been water leakage (keeping in mind that with older houses this is usually the case), it would be wise to consider the more extensive option.

Remember to always check references if you plan on hiring someone for your remodeling project!

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