Updating Your Fireplace

Fireplace Update

Older fireplaces, found in many homes in Kelowna, were not very efficient or aesthetically appealing. Often, they had little or no mantle and just tile around the fireplace opening. New fireplace units are built with sealed combustion chambers so they don’t require air from inside the building. They also replicate a real wood fire in a much better way. Typically, …

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Windows in the Bathroom

Basement Window

Many older homes in the Kelowna area, were often built with windows in the shower space. This is never a good idea as it is virtually impossible to waterproof the wall properly when it contains a window. There are two alternatives regarding the ‘before’ pic of the bathroom shown. The best option is to remove the window and install a …

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Bathroom Renovation: From 1960’s To Newly Renovated

FROM 1960’S TO NEWLY RENOVATED This is a standard 5-foot wide bathroom that is found in many Kelowna homes. As in most older bathrooms like this one, there was a significant amount of water damage behind the tub because of leakage at the intersection of the glass block window and the tile. To remedy this we removed everything back to …

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Ensuite Bathroom Remodel…Outdated To Updated

Ensuite Bathroom Remodel Older houses had smaller bathrooms and when they were built with framed walls around the shower this made the space seem even smaller. As you can see in the picture above, the space looks much larger after the renovation (‘after’ picture) when in reality, we did not change the footprint of the bathroom at all. To start, …

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The Cost Of A Bathroom Renovation

What does it cost to renovate a bathroom? Costs vary considerably depending upon whether you’re doing cosmetic upgrades or implementing a complete gut job. A cosmetic approach generally will cost in the few hundred to few thousand dollar range while a complete gut (one that includes new mechanicals, fixtures, drywall, cabinets, countertops, tile flooring) will be considerably more. For a …

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